Why Should I go to EdCamp?

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Have you ever sat through a professional development and thought to yourself, in between Facebook posts of corse, “This should have been an e-mail?” You are not alone. Let me tell you, I have been there many times. However… That does not happen at EdCamp! So, I am here to share with you some of the amazing things you can learn while at EdCamp, and will NEVER hear about anywhere else. Well, unless you and some colleagues are three coronas deep after school on Friday.

  1. All about Boogers-  Yes, BOOGERS. How many teachers have tackled this wonderful conundrum. I wonder if it’s the taste or the mysterious feeling of getting away with it, but this seems to be an issue K-12. I sat in a room with eight other educators at EdCamp talking about eating, wiping, blowing and smearing BOOGERS. There is NO PD for this guys! So, I found out that there is a BOOK.. like, a real actual book about what to do with boogers. OMG guys! I was on Amazon ordering it as if my career depended on it… so was the middle school teacher. Here it is guys! Only $5 for booger sanity! Count me in!

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2. Don’t poop in the urinal and other lessons on back to school night- Okay, this one was new to me. Before I had kids of my own I assumed ALOT.  My husband would take my kids into the bathroom, and I had this vision that they learned NOT to poop in the urinal at this time. Who would have thought? So, we are discussing the first day chat about not peeing on the playground, and this one comes up. Yes, we all agreed that we teach a lesson on the first day of school about whipping it out on the playground. Take notes new teachers!!! Then, a preschool teacher lets us in on her secret. She asks the parents to take their kids into the bathroom (boys) to teach them about the urinal. Who would have thought? Yes! Simple, yet so overlooked.

3. Don’t smear your poop on the bathroom walls – Not sure why our future leaders and hope for all humankind want to touch and smear their own feces, but they do. All the way to high school! Yup, never would have guessed that one from the depths of elementary. How do you get them to NOT do this? You describe the feces that lie underneath their nail beds and the future implications of you letting their significant other in on the action that transpired in the 10th grade bathroom. Yep.. that’ll do it.

More to come…

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Hello! I am a general education teacher in a public school system that believes in arming teachers and parents with the tools to make sure EVERY child is successful BEFORE they show signs of failure. Response to intervention should be an indicator NOT failure to respond to general education. <3 Arm yourself with knowledge

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